Why Is Martin Luther A Hero

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Born on November 10, 1483, Martin Luther was a German monk who studied theology. Martin Luther grew up as a follower of the Roman Catholic Church even though he didn’t agree with their ideas, but during the 16th century he branched out from the church and started the protestant reformation. This event led to him becoming one of the most influential and controversial figures in all of Christian history. Throughout the process, he gained many followers who soon split from the Roman Catholic Church to join the protestant religion, just like Martin Luther did. During this era, very few people were against the church, but the few that disliked the church were too frightened to try and do something about it. Not until Martin Luther came along that people started to gather up the courage to support their own ideas. He was a hero because of his courage to stand up for his own opinions even if it could potentially harm him. His courage inspired the people around him to fight against the Roman Catholic Church. Throughout history, the Roman Catholic Church has…show more content…
Through many people’s eyes, Luther is an inspirational character because he showed other people that having you own opinion about something is a good thing, and you should stand up for what you believe in. Which in Luther’s case was the church’s teachings, which he didn’t believe in. Luther can still be considered a hero nowadays because after I read about him, I realized that having different opinions from everyone else is a good thing. For example, before I read about Luther’s teachings. I would side with everyone else in arguments because I didn’t want to have to stand up for myself even if it meant that I was fighting for something I did not believe in. Because of Martin Luther, I have started to stick with my own opinions even if it meant that I was doing something that was different from everyone
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