Robert Nesta Marley: Civil Rights Activist

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Many people around the world stand up for a cause they believe in, protesting their beliefs through violent and nonviolent actions. Though their actions might be small they later become world known as Civil Rights leaders. Civil rights leaders are people that stand up for a cause they believe in. They are people that stand up to protect the rights and equality of citizens politically and socially. Civil rights activists in the past have stood up for many things such as Women’s suffrage, Blacks rights, Indian rights, and equality among the sexes. One known leader that spread his belief of equality through music and nonviolent protest is Robert Nesta Marley. He was concerned with the inequality between the colored and white people that was felt…show more content…
For the past 8 years I have lived here in Plano transitioning from the Plano Independent school district to the University of Texas at Dallas I have realized how much of this inequality and prejudice still occurs within our society. This is something I wasn’t aware of growing up in New Orleans. This city being a commercialized and “every man for himself” type city makes me realize that this feeling of inequality still does exist not just between races but also between social statuses and religions making me want to keep this equality among the people alive. This is the reason why I chose Robert Nesta Marley as a Civil Rights Activist I admire and look up to. His Rastafarian belief in “One Love” and rejecting materialism made him a hero in my mind. To me every man is created equal no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation which would be similar to what Bob Marley would support as well. His belief in the legalization and use of marijuana is something similar to what I would support because I believe in giving the people actual and true freedom to do as they choose as long as they’re peaceful with it. The way Bob Marley connect to people with his music I am inspired to connect to people and remove the negative stereotypes and prejudices by my small actions. Small actions such as volunteer work, donating to charity, and straight honesty are some ways peace can be shown to

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