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A hero is an individual who is admired for his or her qualities or achievements. Something that defines a hero is a selfless act of bravery in order to help others in need. A hero’s courageous actions impact others in a positive way. An extraordinary example of heroism was displayed by Rosa Parks when her act led to nationwide efforts to end segregation. When Rosa Parks was born, no one could imagine she was going to have such a tremendous impact on the Civil Rights Movement. Rosa was born in 1913,she was born in Tuskegee, Alabama. When Rosa was younger she attended a segregated school. At her school, African American students were forced to walk everywhere while white people got to use bus transportation. Rosa got married at age nineteen to…show more content…
One day Rosa was on her way home, from work riding, a bus. She was sitting while some white people did not have a place to sit. The bus driver asked Rosa to move, but she did not. The driver demanded, “‘Why don’t you stand up?’ to which Rosa replied, ‘I don’t think I should have to stand up’” ( The law on busses was that white passengers got to sit in the front, and that African Americans had to sit near the back. As a member of the NAACP - she volunteered to get arrested to bring national attention to these unjust laws. Since she didn't give up her seat, the driver called the police, and she was soon arrested. Not so long after she was bailed out of jail. She went to court and was found guilty for violating a local ordinance. She was fined ten dollars, plus a four dollar court fee. A bus boycott began in Montgomery, Alabama around the nation. People began to walk miles and miles to work, or only traveled in taxis driven by African American drivers. The boycott led to a few violent acts such as the bombing of Martin Luther King Jr’s house. Later, Rosa and her husband both lost their jobs. Rosa won awards such as, the Martin Luther King Jr. award, for helping end segregation and being

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