The Hobbit Greed Theme

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The first theme in The Hobbit is greediness. This can relate to my life with my greed for some of my favorite foods. Whenever I receive some of my favorite foods that I love, I become possessive and don’t want to share with anyone including my own sister. This is just like Gollum and the ring. This theme can relate to society because of money. Money has been influential part in everyone’s life. It has shaped the structure of the United States and the world. If someone has lot of money, they may decide to use it lavishly for unnecessary items instead of sharing it with the poor who are in need. In history there were numerous greedy people who had always wanted to keep wealth and resources for themselves. One person who is greedy is the Roman businessman Marcus Licinius Crassus. Marcus was known for his excessive acquisitive in buying pieces of land that had a risk of fire, for a low a price. He was also known for purchasing mines, and slaves which he trained, and resold the slaves. With this acquired money he still wanted more so he went on a military campaign to conquer Parthia which was famous for its money but while trying to get more money he had got killed. In conclusion, he was one of the most avaricious people in the world behalf of his great accomplishments.…show more content…
This can relate to my life when I am always trying to outsmart people. When I play board games with my family, I use my unique techniques to win the game. In future, when I grow up I want to be very good at chess so that I can defeat my grandfather who is an

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