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Do Away With the Code Used in many high schools and post-secondary institutions, an academic honor code is a set of rules based on ideas of honorable behavior within a school. Honor codes are used in the hope that people will be obligated to act honorably and professionally. Those in violation of this honor code can be subject to punishments including, in some cases, expulsion. Honor codes are wrong because they put students in a position that most would be uncomfortable with. This position includes reporting, or “snitching on,” fellow students. Academic honor codes also include severe punishments, such as expulsion, for something that might not have even been intentional. With honor codes in place, students can be expelled from a school…show more content…
Students are being punished severely for offenses that they are not even aware of. For example, a student at Stanford was notified that he violated honor code and would not be receiving a grade for the class. What was the reason for the punishment? He was discussing an assignment with a student that had fallen behind due to a stay in the hospital (Greenberg). Student collaboration is supposed to be encouraged in schools today, not prohibited. The University of Virginia’s Code of Honor states that "On my honor, I pledge that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment (The Code of Honor)." It is possible for students to receive help on an assignment without cheating occurring. A simple collaboration on a difficult problem or a question asked of another student about what was missed in class should not result in the expulsion of a student. In a survey of hundreds of college instructors, eighty-eight percent of instructors said that their students work well during class time, and sixty-six percent said that their students collaborate outside of the classroom as well (Massey). Student collaboration seems to be becoming more and more of a positive part of education today, so why are students getting expelled for it? This aspect of academic honor codes is outrageous and should not be in place. Students should not be expelled for vague violations or working together on a tough

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