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Jose Mendoza Period - 1 Mrs. Ford Pledge of Allegiance The Pledge of Allegiance is a symbol of freedom of speech and the way that we want to respect the USA. Freedom of speech gives people the right to express what they feel and honor our nation in their own way. Many people feel they have the right not to say the pledge. The Man Who Wrote the Pledge of Allegiance was Francis Bellamy was the man who wrote the pledge of allegiance in October of 1892. Francis was a baptist minister from New York. In 1942, the pledge of allegiance had their 50th anniversary. They made it as a national flag code. Bellamy, under the supervision of the authored the program for the celebration was the flag and to salute for the Pledge Of Allegiance. They had the pledge in schools when the classes started right in the morning. The pledge of allegiance was mandatory in school in the morning. In October 21, 400 high school boys in Boston roared the pledge of allegiance out together. They first struggled which the word of "under God" back in 1954. They also changed the words "my flag" to " the flag of the United States" at a American Legion's National Flag conference.…show more content…
Lots of students do not understand the purpose of the pledge of allegiance and what they are pledging for, so that's why some students don't stand for the pledge. There have been several counts of court cases following the pledge of allegiance. For one, some studentS didn't want to stand for the pledge and the teacher flipped out on them and got them suspended for not standing for the Pledge. Their parents sued the school and won because people have the right to stand or chose not to stand for the pledge. Also, the pledge of allegiance has a lot of history behind it so people think that's why it's so important to stand for

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