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1902, the year that all Australians know as the year our lives changed for ever! In 1902, Australia joined many countries including, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and Newfoundland in the Commonwealth Franchise Act. This act was significant to shaping Australian life today because it shaped the Australia that we know and love today. The migrated British convicts were sent to Australia as punishment, this became instrumental to the new land of Australia as they brought different foods, plants and animals to survive. By doing this, they have made Australia, their penal settlement and a place that will survive. And almost 250 years later, Australia has developed into a prosperous nation with many cultures, diversified industries and a land of great wealth. The penal colony was the cartelist of Australia today. The penal colony was the building blocks for the Commonwealth Act. All the colonies coming to Australia were from Britain, and the British convicts believed that if they were going to settle in Australia, they would need to be under the ruling of Queen Victoria.…show more content…
In 1902, we became part of the Commonwealth because we were originally a British colony under Queen Victoria’s reigns. Joining the Commonwealth meant that Australians would live the rest of their lives under the reign of Queen Victoria. Sadly, she died in 1901 (The Commonwealth was still under her guidance even after her death), and the tradition has now been passed down to Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Victoria has passed this tradition on to her country because she was such a powerful woman in the world and in parliament that everyone wanted to live like she did. The British colonies saw her as a ‘motherly’ figure, and with the perspective of Queen Victoria came the belief that every country should be under the same leadership as Britain. This is where the Commonwealth Act was

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