Napoleon: A True Hero

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Napoleon is a man who took hold of the leading political position in France. Actually, he helped create this position as 1st consul and then named himself emperor, which were one in the same. While his actions are heavily debated, they will show that Napoleon was on the right side of the fight. He fought with all he could and did what he thought was truly right, making him a textbook hero. Heroes do all that they can to help those in need. When none are in need, they help those men and women become better. Napoleon helped his people by creating a code for which all to follow, adding stability and solid ground for the French. He also created many freedoms, like that of religion, and the ability for people for all classes to have a chance based on skill. Along with this, he took the corrupt government officials out of office and gave the citizens a more stable government. Another way heroes are defined is the long lasting impression they make on the world. For Napoleon he established the Concordat of 1801 which lasted for a little over a century. This…show more content…
These misconceptions about his personality, like his stature, can easily be shown to be true misconceptions. So, most if not all of his failures will be shown to have no other outcome no matter what he did. All the successes could have easily been failures if it were not for his genius. Some of these instances of misconception include the stranding of his soldiers in Egypt and the Continental System. As for the stranding of soldiers, there was no way to get them all back to France. If Napoleon had not gone back to France, he would not have been able to help and lead. The Continental System, while going horribly wrong, was an attempt to injure France’s enemy and increase self-productivity. An attempt that had no signs of leading to what it did until put into
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