Thomas Jefferson Letter To America Analysis

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The first document is a private letter written by Thomas Jefferson to Governor Williams H. Harrison, further explaining the internal systems of how deal with the Native Americans. At the beginning President Thomas Jefferson shows in favor of living in “perpetual peace with the Indians, to cultivate an affectionate attachment to them”(189), this shows that Jefferson did care for the Native Americans and wanted to live in harmony with them. However, after further reading, it suggests that Jefferson was not interested in leaving the Native Americans alone, but to “Americanize” by them teaching and showing them how to cultivate the land so that they can be farmers. Therefore, one of the most important fact is that Jefferson that he could peacefully…show more content…
The author writes is a desperate and pleading voice for freedom and justice, “Call loud for mercy!”, this shows the cruel reality that people were being abused and mistreated across America, especially in the South. The writer reasons that African Americans work all day and yet “general git nothing (except kicks and curses), not only were slaves coercer to their limit, but they had to do while being harassed and maltreated. The most important fact about this letter is that it challenges Jefferson, “you wrote so warmly against in the year ‘76, and condemn’d as a mark of disgrace, of the deepist dye in the Christian kind of G.Britain”, the author argues that if Jefferson condemned the market in Britain than why should he not condemned the one in America. The author further argues that they should be entitled to “every law of natures as God as any man’s in the universe” and they would not reconciled to the government till they have received their freedom. The writer also suggest a solution that those who refuse to free the slaves should be “hung in gibbets for an everlasting monument”, the hatred for slave-owners is very evident in this letter and passions of both side would eventually lead to civil

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