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Mankind wants justification for their actions. They also desire to know how to decide if something is morally permissible or not. A normative ethical theory explores and explains the difference between what makes right acts right and wrong acts wrong. My normative ethical theory is: An act is right if it honors God and what He has created and wrong if it dishonors God and what He has created. Even though my theory talks about acts, acts are not the way to get to heaven. Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. The sins of all Christians are covered for all eternity because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave himself up as a sacrifice that paid the price for all sins: past, present and future. Regardless of what a Christian does in their life, their sin is covered and they still go to heaven. In an effort to prove my theory is the correct one, I will explain what the purpose of my ethical theory is along with the benefits it brings, and then I will discuss how…show more content…
Aquinas believes that an act is right if it accords with the natural law and wrong if it violates the natural law. He says that this natural law is based on reason, because law restrains certain actions, and speculative and practical reasoning in humans do the same thing, so, therefore natural law should be directed toward the common good. The natural law, according to Aquinas, includes actions that tend to preserve humans, promote having offspring and educating that offspring, along with things that increase human knowledge, especially knowledge of God, and finally a stable, harmonious society. This seems to fit with my theory the most out of all the normative ethical theories discussed. It fits so well because the benefits of the Christian life are peace, which could be the stable, harmonious society and the preservation of humans; wisdom, which is increased knowledge of God and His ways; and freedom, which is having kids and being able to educate

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