The Holocaust: The Horrors Of The Holocaust

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Just like many genocides the Holocaust had many factors of why it occurred. It transpired because many people like Hitler thought that the Jews weren’t just evil or a bad race but they were going to hurt the German people. The Germans at the time were having economic problems due to their recent dealings in World War 1, so they had to find someone to blame. Hitler managed to rally many Germans to believe that the Jews were the source of their problems. Long before this the Jews were a dislike more than ever before. Anti-Semitism is the feeling of hate toward the Jews. Adolf Hitler was a great antagonist and famous leader against the Jews. He greatly influenced the thought of anti-semitism throughout Germany. "In his madness Hitler was convinced that the 'Jewish poison' had done the same thing to his beloved Germany in 1918 what the 'cancer poison' had done to his beloved mother in 1907," wrote historian and journalist Dr. Joachim Riecker. Hitler because very powerful after WW1 because after the war Germany was in great debt economically. He gave Germany the idea that it was because of the Jews and if we got rid of all the Jews that everyone else would live a better life.…show more content…
The Nazis had a different hatred than the rest of the European countries. There has always been a long history of Judaism and Christianity not agreeing on many things. The Nazis believed that the Jews were becoming too economically powerful and gaining to much social power. In many European countries during that time many people hated the Jews. It was like a seed planted in there brain when they were children, the citizens of those countries were taught by the people/ adults before them that the Jews were no good. This is one of the reason that is was so easy to think that one race was superior to the other. Germany of the other hand took it very far and listened to Hitler’s plans about wiping out the
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