Comparing Macbeth And Hitler

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Macbeth and Adolf Hitler are evil people and want to have noble power. Macbeth and Adolf Hitler are shellfish people and just want power over their heads and to rule their countries. People who have power don’t just become evil sometimes they get influenced, and by that some leaders can turn evil by their powers that they have and then end up doing bad things to their countries or even the world by doing harmful things. Macbeth was not evil in the beginning of the play, but he got influenced to do the things he did just for power. Macbeth cheated his way to power and impacted other people to his side. The weird sister’s brainwashed Macbeth to make him believe that he is the Thane of Cawdor and the future king. “All hail, Macbeth! Hall to…show more content…
She tells Macbeth and Macbeth tells his wife that “We can’t go with this plan. The king has just honoured me, and i have a good opinion of all sorts of people” (act1 scene 7 line 32-33). The Lady tells him that “you would haver gone ahead with the murder anyhow and n ow the time and place are just right, but they’re almost too good for you” (act 1 scene7 line 52-54). She is telling him that why are you scared she would do it to anyone even her baby. “But even as the baby was smiling up at me I would have plucked my nipple out of its mouth and smashed it’s brains out.”(act1 scene7 line 55 - 57). Macbeth was trying to become a leader so in order to do that he became an evil leader and he was corrupted. The first thing he did to become a leader is kill the King, so he could become the new King of Scotland. For the plan to work Lady Macbeth gets the servants of Duncan drunk “The alcohol that got the servants drunk had made me bold” (act2 scene 2 line 1-2). As the night went on Macbeth finally goes and Kills the Duncan and say’s“I have done the deed. Did you hear the noise” (act2 scene2 line 14). Later the night Macduff has orders to wake up Duncan but when he goes in he finds Duncan’s

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