Positive And Negative Effects Of The Crusades Essay

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In pre-modern history, expansion and conquests from many nations have caused both positive and negative effects on society itself and the surrounding population. A few of the societies that are essential to take into account are the Christians and their crusades, the Mongol empire and its conquests, and the expansion of the Islamic nation. These events seem to be the backbone of conquest and expansion in pre-modern era. The Crusades were an attempt by the Christian people to recapture Palestine from the Muslims and restore it to Christian control. Jerusalem was the main focus of the Crusaders and to show their faith, they wore a large Christian cross on their armor and shields. Pope Urban II, at the sermon at Clermont, fueled the fire to start the crusades. He played to the listeners’ emotions as he stood upon the elevated platform, preaching about the atrocities caused by the Muslims. Urban painted a picture for the people about the Muslims taking over the Holy City of Jerusalem and the chants began, “God wills it!”, and soon this became the battle cry for the crusades.…show more content…
The road to Jerusalem seemed clear to the Crusaders after defeating Turkish troops at Nicaea and Dorylaeum. The Crusaders next obstacle was conquering Antioch, the overland route to Syria, thus leading them to Jerusalem. The Holy city was surrounded by twenty five miles of walls and four hundred towers, almost making it impenetrable. The First Crusade was almost stopped before it really began, because the soldiers were giving up hope. After seven months of attempting to enter the city, a discontented guard secretly admitted the Crusaders into the

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