How Did Hitler Lose Food During The Holocaust

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During the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler believed in the killing and collecting of others that did not follow in his footsteps. This ruler spoiled his soldiers while killing many innocent lives with gas chambers, starvation, and brutal work. Even though Nazis felt that the Jews did not deserve food as well as other supplies, it was unevenly divided between the Germans and Jews because the Nazis kept most food supplies for themselves and lack of food caused the population to dramatically drop. The Nazis were in control of food rationing in Germany, which meant many homes were treated to kitchens full of food. Hitler received items like “caviar and squab” (“How Adolf Loved a Bit of Trout” 1) from near countries. Even though he was against eating meat, this dictator still had the feels for fish and bird. Some Nazis felt that because Hitler was a “vegetarian” (Pine 1), they would have to be one as well. Families across Germany enjoyed dishes such as “liver dumplings and trout in butter sauce” (“How Adolf Loved a Bit of Trout”1). It’s odd that Hitler could not stand to consume an animal; yet he was fully capable of killing millions. On the other hand, Jews were being starved and killed thanks to Hitler. The Nazis saved most food for themselves leaving a small…show more content…
Starvation held a big steak in the reasons why the workers stood up against the Nazis. They wanted the Jews to give up and starve; but the Jews knew that by standing up, they could successfully rebel against their enemies. After many attempts, Hitler initiated the “Final Solution” (“Forced Labor” 1) in which he sent the strikers to death camps. If they would have understood that “ability to work offered the chance of survival to Jews” (“Forced Labor” 1), then they could have lived. Unluckily, “for those deemed unable to work were the first to be shot or deported” (“Forced Labor” 1) to the nearest gas

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