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Mariana Gonzalez Western Civilization 102 December 2, 2014 Nicole Watkins Things Fall Apart In Things Fall Apart, Okonkwo is a very complex character, but overall frames the entire book and the outcome. The whole book is centered around British imperialism and Okonkwo’s struggle against the white man taking over his home. Throughout the book, Okonkwo remains the same way that is until the end. He is so afraid to become his father and to ever be compared to him, that he remains so hard and callus. He refuses to feel weak and tries to ensure that he is not ever weakened. Although, there are a few times when he is thought of as weak. An example of that would be when he kills Ikemefuna. Okonkwo tells Ikemefuna that he is being returned to…show more content…
He blames the white man for many things, taking Nwoye from him and destroying his home. Before his seven-year exile, Okonkwo loved his clan and believed it to be strong. He had great plans for it and wanted to make it supremely prosperous. Nwoye, Okonkwo’s son, was always treated very badly by Okonkwo. He always thought he was very lazy and lacked the kind of power that he did. When they are away on their exile, Nwoye starts talking to the missionaries and Okonkwo gets very angry and chokes him demanding answers. This ultimately pushes Nwoye away. Okonkwo also is convinced that a woman’s role is to clean, cook, and watch after her children. Women are good for nothing else except those three things. He expects all his wives to do this and he beats them if they fail to do so. He does beat one of them because she went and got her hair braided before doing her wifely duties, during the Week of Peace. He is punished for this, which is a good…show more content…
At the beginning Okonkwo is this great and powerful leader. He was shamed by his father’s weakness and that caused him to fight for everything he had. He beat the Cat in a fight and brings honor to his people and everyone respected him because of that. Then he begins planting yams and from then on he makes his name great. He becomes the opposite of his father and for that he is truly a great character. He is very wealthy and supports his three wives and his eight children. To this point everything is well. Okonkwo is only human therefore he makes mistakes and his greatest mistakes was killing a clansmen’s boy which resulted in his exile. This is one chip in his tough armor and begins his decline. The next strike comes from when Nwoye leaves him and joins the missionaries. He gets over it and is ashamed but moves on. When his exile is over, he returns to his village and he is astonished to find that the missionaries have taken over. This would really hurt him because his clan was very important to him and to think that when he was away all this happened, the same people that took his son have now taken over his people. Many things happen and eventually all of it leads to Okonkwo committing suicide. The great, big, and powerful Okonkwo is taken down and reduced to absolutely nothing. He disgraced himself by committing suicide and no one in his village wants anything to do with

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