Comparing King Lear, Much A Do About Nothing, Romeo And Juliet

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Hamlet, King Lear, Much A Do About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet. What do all these plays have in common? The one and only William Shakespeare wrote them all. What makes him so different from other playwrights is the way that he uses the English language so that we can relate to his Shakespearean works. William Shakespeare has written 37 magnificent plays, and each play has some level of contrast. Through two of his most famous plays, “Hamlet” and “ King Lear”, William Shakespeare utilizes the theme of corruption of power to show his audience that even the people, who you think you trust, can turn their backs on you when given the opportunity to have power. In these two plays, there is a fight in the family between relatives. In Lear, his two eldest daughters try to destroy their father and in Hamlet, Hamlet tries to seek revenge on his Uncle for killing his father. In King Lear, he decides to split up the kingdom between his three daughters, but first he puts them through the test of love. The test of love was…show more content…
The ghost admits that his Uncle poisoned him so that he could become the king. This is a good example to show that people will do anything to gain power. This is also shown in King Lear. There is a similar theme that power corrupts. There is also a similarity in the fact that the people that you trust, even your family, can turn on you. In Lear, Goneril and Regan meet up to discuss their plan to take over the kingdom, and in Hamlet his Uncle killed his father to gain power. Just like in King Lear, Hamlet also starts to seem like he is going crazy, but he really is plotting out revenge on his Uncle. A major difference between the plays is that Lear realizes that what he did was wrong, while in Hamlet he doesn’t realize anything. In Hamlet, Shakespeare uses the play within the play device to unravel the plot. After the play within the play device is used, everything starts to fall

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