Analysis: Death Of Ta Salesman

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1. Women were supposed to stay home and take care of the house, do the cooking, cleaning and raise the kids; while their husbands went off to work to support the family. In the role of Linda Loman in Death of ta Salesman, she was characterized as a submissive wife/mother to her respective husband Willy Loman and their two sons Happy and Biff. We soon realize that all she is really doing is stroking their egos, consoling them and trying to hold the whole family together all by herself. Even though Linda is a caring wife/mother we soon realize that she has been contributing to her family’s problems; as being an enabler to her husband and making her children help her keep up the charade. In the first Act Linda is talking with her sons about…show more content…
I found myself asking some difficult question as the reader; is a human life worth more than an animal’s life? “It is usually best to roll them into the canyon” (ln.3), “usually”? How many times has this guy encountered this before? I also noticed Stafford is using a first person point of view in this poem; a male narrator. Would this poem be different if a woman was the one who pulled over on the side of the road that night? Stafford uses alliteration in to describe the feeling of that night and what the driver is seeing “dark, deer, dead; river, road, and roll” (stanza 1). The next stanza confronts the realization that he has now figured out that the doe was pregnant with a fawn, “her fawn lay there waiting, alive, [and] still, never to be born” (ln.10). Stafford then changes the tone of the poem, making you think that this man might reconsider pushing the doe over the ridge, “Beside that mountain road I hesitated” (ln.12); we feel this idea of a baby fawn unborn might impact his decision, he’s thinking/reconsidering as the line pauses-takes a breath. Then “I thought hard for us all, my only swerving”; he pushes her over the edge. Sad, I think that he made this decision based on his own encounters with nature or his meaning of what “life” means to

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