Essay On The Causes Of The Civil War

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The Civil War had been led by many different events. The Kansas Nebraska Act was the most significant event that led to the Civil War. The person behind the Nebraska Act was Senator Stephen A. Douglass. The Act allowed each territory to decide if they were a free or slave state by popular sovereignty. Kansas could not be a slave state because it would violate the Missouri Compromise, which had kept the union from falling apart. Douglass had made two concessions. He supported an amendment to repeal the Missouri Compromise that excluded slavery north of latitude 36° 30’, and he agreed to create two territorial government. Douglass intention were not clear on why he wanted to do this. Railroads were important in his mind, but he also wanted to…show more content…
Which was the Abraham Lincoln party. This left the Democratic Party as the remaining institution that crossed sectional lines. There were still other conflicts that had arisen between North and South. The North believed that if the Compromise of 1820 was ignored, the compromise of 1850 would be ignored too. After all this, Douglass was viewed as a terrible man. His ideas of keeping slavery and repelling the Missouri Compromise led to the Civil and war and the Bleeding Kansas. The Bleeding Kansas was an event with series of violent political confrontations in the U.S. involving anti-slavery and pro-slavery. It took place in Kansas territory and Missouri in 1854-1861. John Brown was involved in this confrontation and he was also involved in the Kansas Nebraska Act. John Brown was an anti-slavery person. He hated slavery and he thought violence was the only way to end slavery. In 1856 he and several of his man killed five pro-slavery settlers in Pottawatomie, Kansas. John's Brown action led to a Pottawatomie Massacre. Missouri ruffians went to the free-state settlement. They burned the houses and shot John Brown’s son Fredrick right through the
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