Separate Spheres And Gender Roles In The 19th Century

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Between the late 18th century and the 19th century two concepts were thought to have become more prominent and widespread. These concepts included separate spheres and gender roles. Separate spheres was an ideology that tells how men and women should have their own positions and this ideology is much older than the time it became popular. Gender roles are defined as a specific way that men and women should act. One example of a gender role would be, men being perceived as more athletic and smarter than women. One example of a separate sphere would be how in the past it was stated that a woman's place was in her home and a man’s job was to provide for his family. In reality the concepts of Separate Spheres and Gender Roles aren’t that different and they go hand in hand. The first document, " Separate Spheres", introduced the separation of both women and men's circles. Experts, at the time, said that men…show more content…
Women were expected to be virtuous, calm and compassionate, whereas men were expected to be aggressive and obstinate. The expectations set for each gender came from prior weaknesses and practices. At the time men were supposed to be the breadwinners, as a result of women not being paid as much, because the jobs available for women usually didn't pay well, needed less experience, and they weren't high power jobs. Although women and men of the upper class didn't work together often, the impoverished men and women did; the jobs didn't typically pay well, if they even paid the employees. If there were jobs that only men were allowed to take on, some women would dress like men in order to gain access to jobs, like the military. Men also dressed as women too; some for the entertainment of others and some dressed as women to contribute to their lifestyles. Historians also believe that males and females weren’t as separated as it was previously

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