Why I Want To Go To College

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The Virginia government in their Web site reported in 2013 that 70 percent of community college students failed to earn an associates degree in three years time. This statistic is alarming because students are struggling in college. Although college is challenging, I am going to succeed by using advice from experts, by developing strategies, and by taking advantage of the benefits offered by my college. I know college will be challenging for me. Because I am a recent high school graduate. I am the second and youngest girl in my family to go to college. I have my family's support about going to college and they do all they can to make sure I am successful. I want to attend college and accomplish it because I mostly want to do it for myself. I want do all I can to reach my true goals to become a radiologist and a sonographer. Time management and family issues are my biggest obstacles but I will overcome them. I lose track of time easily, unfortunately. I get caught up in my sleep, family, and other activities going on in my life. My family issues is the reason why I have time management problems. My sister law does not know how to drive so…show more content…
Stephen Covey author of a book, Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People offered advice if you want to grow in life you must take your time and be patient. Sharon Bowman is a national trainer came up with four levels of learning. unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. Her idea let people understand what they know or what they do not know. Dr. Yvonne Thornton wrote a book The Ditchdigger's Daughter explaining her theory called Rabbit Theory. Finding a person who done better than you and mock the person until you surpass them. Dr. Amy Cuddy a professor at Harvard school of business came up with a two minute power pose. It makes you feel more powerful and less

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