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Hoarseness is defined as a disorder characterized by altered pitch, loudness, vocal effort and quality which reduces voice related quality of life or impairs communication. Dysphonia is the interchangeable word used for hoarseness. Both are not the same. Hoarseness is just the symptom but the Dysphonia is a diagnosis1. Hoarseness is a coarse, scratchy sound most often associated with the abnormalities of the vibratory margins of the vocal cords2. Teachers and older adult were the common group of people where hoarseness is more prevalent. But both genders and all age groups can be affected. It is caused by benign or malignant condition. It is a most common presenting symptom for most serious conditions which warrants immediate diagnosis and management3. Benign conditions are the more common…show more content…
It is composed of two rectangular laminae. These two laminae are fused anteriorly in the midline. Superiorly these two laminae incompletely fuses with each other and forms thyroid notch. Superior and inferior cornua attaches with each lamina posteriorly. The greater horn of the hyoid bone articulate with the superior cornua whereas the inferior cornua forms a synovial joint along with the cricoids cartilage. It is also called as cricothyroid joint. At the junction of superior cornu there is a respective thyroid ala for each with a cartilage prominence called the superior tubercle. The superior cartilage is a most significant part. Because forms the anatomical land mark for the superior laryngeal nerve and artery. The point 1cm below this is the place where the superior laryngeal artery and nerve cross laterally the lamina and it pierces the thyrohyoid membrane. In the anterior surface of the thyroid laminae the sternothyroid and the thyrohyoid strap muscles attaches with the oblique line. In each thyroid lamina at the posterior edge, the insertion of the inferior pharyngeal constrictor muscle is

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