Beeswax Research Paper

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Beeswax is a natural biological polymer (1) containing a mixture of several non-toxic and cheap substances (esters of fatty acids, alcohols, acids, etc.). The number of reported individual components have been contained beeswax exceeds 300 which are from various species of honeybees. Depending on the honeybee species and the geographical zone, the concentrations of individual components and substance classes may have only small differences (2). In addition, from the view point of chemistry it is a stable and water-repellent substance (3). Beeswax is a highly crystalline natural product that is used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and other industries. It also is frequently used in the preparation of controlled release drug preparations (4).…show more content…
Bees use it as glue, a general-purpose sealer, and as draught-extruder for beehives (7). Bees use the mechanical properties of this resinous substance applying it to blocking holes and cracks, fixing combs, strengthening the thin borders of the comb. On the other hand, they make use of its biological action: bee glue contains the putrefaction of “embalmed” intruders, killed in the hive which is too large to be carried out, and is responsible for incidence lower microorganisms within the hive than in outside of the atmosphere…show more content…
Because of the difficulty of working with beeswax and propolis, we were succeeded in providing a new method after much effort. Using the new method, the problems related to immiscible, adhesion and waxiness of beeswax and propolis were solved. Thus the use of these two materials and their properties become readily available. Beeswax is a suitable material as a protective coating against air and moisture due to its high resistance. It can also be used as covers without any unwanted reactions because of its special physical and chemical properties, inactivity and easy mixing it with materials. As a result, the above method prevented the agglomeration and particles didn’t get out of the Nano scale. Nanoparticle capsules released in the appropriate place and were not ruptured along the way. Considering the above data, similar methods and materials can be used to achieve the best treatment. These capsules have not specifically produced yet and it can be one of the best and most practical cases. Hence it is better to do necessary actions to know the materials and cure the

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