The Self In Carl Roger's On Becoming A Person

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Dear whoever is reading this, I want you to pull yourself out of your shoes and try to look at yourself from the other peoples’ point of view. I know it’s hard to imagine that but let’s give it a try. Now, the most important question comes, are you’re seeing the real you, or just a person you created to help you fit in the society? Hard, isn’t it? Let’s give it another shot! I want you to tell me the first thing that comes up to your mind when you hear the word “self”. Do you imagine a heart, white smoke or just emptiness? I’m certain that most of you, maybe all, are feeling confused right now. I know that because I was in the same place as yours only a few weeks ago. Now here I am, sharing my limited knowledge about the self through my academic essay assigned in my RHET 1010 class. What you’ll read in the next couple of minutes will definitely change the way you look at your”self”, exactly as it changed mine. Let’s begin by introducing the exceptional therapist, currently working in the counseling center of the University of Chicago, Carl Roger. Roger takes us through a wonderful journey in his book On Becoming a Person to help us find our real selves. It is an amazing mixture of psychological and therapeutic advices as well as…show more content…
The self isn’t a standard feature you were born with! It can easily be modified and re-created by the experiences and knowledge you gained in your life. You probably have heard of people who travel to isolated places or islands hoping that the peaceful atmosphere there might reflect upon them and help them find their true selves. However, what truly happens is that they just gave a chance for more “process” (Roger 112) of “creating” (Baggini) their true selves by adding new experiences, creating new memories and increasing their knowledge. This is what Baggini calls

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