Why Do Dominant Groups See Privilege As A Problem

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I believe dominant groups do see privilege as a problem. I see them focusing on solutions and we have seen many improvements over the years. If dominant groups did not see privilege as an issue I do not think changes would have been made to equalize opportunity and alleviate racism. We need to focus on what has gotten better and how that happened then replicate that. Privilege will exist no matter what it would just look different if we were a dominant black culture and the minority was white, or there were 90% female and 10% male. I think we need to look at what can be done to improve relationships for those that have issues and have the opportunities available for all. When I say opportunities available for all I do not mean “give” them the job or the lifestyle, the opportunity is just the availability. Individuals must do the hard work it takes to make the most of whatever opportunity stands before them. I struggle with all of his reasons because…show more content…
I think so complicated it is like beating a dead horse. One reason the author gave was “Because they don’t know it exists in the first place”. I think people know privilege exists; they just are not calling it privilege. People recognize when something is not fair it does not matter what group you are in. Even children know when something is not fair, but two year olds are not racist, and they do not care about gender or sexuality. I am not sure what word I would have used to describe all of this before reading the text, I know I would not have used the word privilege, but I was very aware. The statement about lack of awareness and low tolerance also seems a little harsh. We have so many programs to help open doors and offer ways out of an oppressed state, many changes have been made to help with this. If there was no awareness or care, no changes would be

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