Pros And Cons Of Correctional Chaplaincy

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CHAPLAINS VS. VOLUNTEERS: Correctional Chaplaincy is a professional discipline, requiring extensive training beyond that of their own faith group. As discussed in the last chapter, The chaplains must have been sufficient working knowledge of divergent faith requirements in order to properly administer the activities of all faith groups. When properly augmented by contract clergy and community resources of other faiths, staff chaplains are highly effective, contributing significantly to the orderly operations of correctional facilities and the rehabilitation of offenders. However, some correctional systems have recently fallen prey to offers of "free" chaplains from religious organizations whose agendas are self-centered. After completing…show more content…
Historically, in the Koine Greek Septuagint and New Testament, the word proselyte denoted a gentile who was considering conversion to Judaism." 36 Should Prohibiting Proselytizing be permitted in a prison? " Wikipedia Many of the volunteers who come in to work with the chaplains, to provide the offenders spiritual guidance would say that's what we are here for. You will find this question to be another Hugh challenge esp. for any volunteer and for the chaplains as well. During the chaplains 2008 conference the American Correctional Chaplaincy Association stated "As inmates are literally a captive and vulnerable audience, proselytizing is rightfully prohibited in most prisons. Yet, inmates are regularly subjected to subtle and active forms of proselytizing by dominant faith groups subtly, by way of heavily focusing on certain faith programs while limiting others, and actively by using outside volunteers and inmate "disciples." This behavior is highly offensive and disrespectful to targeted inmates of other religions. Again, all faith traditions must be honored and adherents of all faiths should be free of proselytizing pressures from

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