April Fools Day Research Paper

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Have you ever believed something would never happen to you, and it did? Before April Fools Day 2015, a serious injury was something I believed would never occur to me. Being oblivious to the fact that anything can happen to anyone, it really shook me when a serious injuries occurred to me. It is very difficult to have an injury that requires the injured person to just wait it out and not do anything, at all. The waiting would prove to be a struggle for me, and it would require everything in me if I were to pull through. The morning of April 1, 2015, I was being transported to school by my mom. It was a pretty day with the sun shining and birds chirping. Everyday, when my mom takes me to school we recite two Bible verses, Psalm 91 and Ephesians…show more content…
The doctor also informed me that I had a severe concussion and that I would be out of playing sports for a while. Next, the doctor glued up a cut that I had on my nose from the impact of the bat. Then, we headed home. Over the next few days, the symptoms of my concussion came in full force. I began having extremely painful headaches, never had any energy, and had trouble remembering things. About a month after the incident, which seemed like an eternity to me, the symptoms had not improved. My mom became worried that something else might be causing me to feel like this, and scheduled me an appointment with a concussion specialist in Birmingham, Alabama. He concluded that, even though it had been a while month since the concussion, it was still in full swing and I was just going to have to keep taking it easy and wait the effects out. This was really a struggle for me, I wanted so badly to go back to playing sports and to quit feeling so badly. Thankfully, two months after my concussion, I was finally released by my doctor and could finally let my life return to normal. Even now, some small effects of the concussion still linger such as sensitivity to loud noises. If I ever go somewhere that is very loud, I usually end up with a severe headache and have to leave and take medicine. But, I am pushing through this still lingering effect and believe that eventually it will

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