Persuasive Jobs Research Paper

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Last year, I had a job in Indiana working at Red Gold Inc, a tomato can compact. I can see a big room area full of the machines in an assembly line moving the cans. I made sure the inside of the cans were clean and not dirty to be throwing away. Every 30 seconds, the green and yellow machines stopped, leaving cans in front of the workers. I can hear me through the machines are loud a lot of noises it's feel ear are volume will take a turn off to my hearing aids. I will take a break time had short 15 and 30 minutes for their changes with people must request an employee, then I go to snacks in my break some food whatever of making me hungry. When I finish eating, I return to go back to work after hours to get a job with people wants know communities me feel so…show more content…
I have enough time get hard to work for job better more time some people good money about a job that my first time never touch to before place at Red Gold Inc in Indiana. I have good people should know a lot busy to do work would go like something get money to job for Red Gold Inc make tomato. Because told to my parents want you invite to go workers for job get some money needs something and went back to home in the Valley is Texas. I'm so excited want to see there in a valley with my best friends and families never to see before long time still of work for a job in Red Gold Inc being three months. I want to go again this year in Indiana for job but don't want to go anymore because can't stay to focus for my got an education at TSC for college. I remember was fall semester was missing out because their work is a job at Indiana, but I glad to learn will next year start of my classes is spring semester make good goals in my life. I'm so lucky to get my junior year want to take studying is the future become a teacher and right now to my plan classes a
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