Why Is The Constitution Outdated Essay

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On the topic of the Constitution and what it contains and what rights people should have, everybody has an opinion. Is the Constitution outdated, inapplicable and in need of a revision? No, when the Constitution was finally official in September of 1787, it was written to write the ways of our country and was never meant to be changed. People throughout our government and country will always try to bring up an argument for why it should be changed and why something else should be taken out, but the bottom line was that when they wrote this historical document almost 200 years ago they would have had the same problems in society that we would be experiencing today, and for years to come. They thought about what they would be doing for our country when this was written and they are the ones that made this country what it is today. Who says that even if one little piece of the constitution were to be…show more content…
The First Amendment, Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition. 90% of countries throughout the world, without this. Every wondered what it would be like without this ‘right’, just ask any foreign that has came to america from any other country and ask how many more right that we have in this country compared to any other country in the world. Perfect example of how things would be changed; news article “First Amendment Protects ‘Hurtful’ Speech, Court Says” in this article, the writer states that the people in cases weren't getting the opportunity to exercise their right to freedom of speech. Without this you wouldn't be able to voice your opinion or get to share your side of the story, and if you tried and did you could be punished for it. Bottom line, when the amendments were written for this country it was to give the citizens of the new country what they needed to stay happy and never have happen again what happened between Great Britain and the New

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