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The First Two Weeks of Newborn Puppy’s Lives Thesis statement: During the first two weeks of a newborn puppy’s life, it is crucial that they gain weight, stay warm and healthy. Specific purpose: To provide information on what to look for and do if a newborn puppy is struggling to survive after he or she is born and you cannot afford veterinarian assistance. Introduction Attention strategy: While you want to do everything possible to help a sick puppy survive, you do not want to prolong the puppy’s suffering. Therefore, the decision to intervene or just let the puppy die is difficult and extremely emotional. Credibility strategy: I learned this when my Labrador retriever had puppies and we had to intervene to help a couple try to survive. Preview: Today, I’m going to talk about some of the problems that can occur during a puppy’s first two weeks of life and the measures you can take to help them grow into healthy, cuddly, mature puppies. Body…show more content…
Sometimes, a mother cannot provide adequate nutrition for all the puppies, especially if she has a large litter; and sometimes, mothers will not take proper care of her puppies. A. Bottle feed a puppy that needs additional nutrients with puppy milk only. When bottle feeding a puppy, make sure to hold it properly so that fluid does not get in the lungs. (Show picture of proper way to hold a puppy.) B. A chilled or dehydrated puppy cannot digest milk and should be bottle or tube fed a dextrose solution like petiolate until the body temperature goes up. C. If you decide to tube feed a puppy, make sure you know what you are doing or find someone that has experience with it. Otherwise, it should be done by a professional. Transition sentence: We bottle fed one of our puppies because he had a hard time getting milk from the mother and started looking weak. II. Watch the puppies for signs of distress that could indicate lack of nourishment, disease or

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