Whole Foods Executive Summary

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Executive Summary Whole Foods Market is a dominant company in the retail industry being considered the most successful grocery store for selling natural and organic foods in the United States. One of the main reasons for their success is because Whole Foods offers products unlike that of any other grocer. They strive to sell foods with the highest quality and benefits nutritionally to the consumer over supplying various brands of products people cannot rely on. Whole Foods has expanded all over the United States and into other countries attracting customers from wide ranges including Hawaii and the United Kingdom because of the appeal to the healthy lifestyle they represent. The emphasis on natural foods attracts a unique customer base ranging from the young health advocates to the older generation of consumers who are in need of health-focused foods. Therefore Whole Foods has a wide variety of shopper’s purchasing their products and it is only increasing with the notice and remarks it receives. Whole Foods has…show more content…
They are committed to customer satisfaction and only seek to improve their relationships with their customers. The atmosphere at Whole Foods is similar to its products being that it incorporates a lot of care and efforts into quality of service with a clean and happy environment. Another feature of Whole Foods is there commitment to “green marketing”, eliminating unnecessary resources and limiting their plastic manufacturing, reusing their bags and modifying packaging. They rank among the top companies in the world in regards to protecting the environment and making sure the public is in good hands before and after shopping. Improving their brand image is one of the main goals Whole Foods strives for because they want to be recognized for how they operate and maintain there

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