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DUNKIN’ CUPS SNACK AND DRINK IN 1 A Business Plan Proposal Presented to the College of Commerce and Business Administration Entrepreneurship Department University of Santo Tomas In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements of the Degree Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship BY: BORJA, BRYAN NINO DAYAG CANILLAS, JUAN MIGUEL CONEL GUZMAN, DAVE PASCUAL NAVARRA, CHARLES HARRY APRIL 2017 ABSTRACT The food business is a highly competitive market. From simple dining to a costly one, entrepreneurs has to be innovative to keep customers satisfied and convenient. Dunking Cups is a food cart franchising business company specializing in the production and distribution of specialized fruit drinks with twist along with customized cups,…show more content…
to its diverse clientele ranging from college students to courtside fans. One of the keys factors to Dunking Cups sensational success will be its own distinctive cup designed to accommodate refreshing fruit drinks along with delicious side dish on just one hand. To complement this feature product, our signature Dunking Cups is designed in a way that will contribute to the convenience that our customers really deserve. Aside from these, we also take pride in our delicious and flavorful customized mojos, fries, hotdogs and nuggets plus a thirst-quenching specialized fruit drinks with twist as refreshment. VALUE PROPOSITION As a consumer, one of things I observe in buying street food is that the food and the drink is always separately bought. The reason for this is because you cannot eat your food while holding your drink. Dunkin’ cups is the solution to this problem. It will give the customers the luxury to hold a snack and a drink and be able to consume…show more content…
We can also make our own website and social media accounts and post different promotions like videos, pictures of our product and informations like where we are located and what are the prices of our product. We can also update our customers about our discounts through social media accounts and on website/webpage. We can also use delivery as our distribution channel; Dunkin' Cups will give free delivery for customers who are inside UST/or within 1km of range, since thomasians is our target market. One of the 4th year students talked to us and he is willing to buy our product by bulk (100 units of fries and drinks) where he will buy one of our product as wholesale and sell it with his own business. We will be thinking about this distribution channel. Our last distribution channel will be our physical store, by selling and distributing our products directly to our

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