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Executive Summary Mother’s Market & Kitchen is a company that seeks to make an impact on their community by providing their customers with a wide variety of products, including those for specialized diets and health conscious individuals, which are not available at other stores. They do so by offering items such as those that are non-GMO (genetically modified organism), organic, vegan, or vegetarian. This interview tied very well into the three basic elements of social responsibility: market actions, mandated actions, and voluntary actions. With the rise of health consciousness, the demand from customers placed pressure on Mother’s Market to open new stores. In response, they opened stores in Huntington Beach, Laguna Woods, Santa Ana, Anaheim…show more content…
This clearly demonstrates an externality which is a cost of production for which society must pay. In order to comply with labeling requirements, producers of non-GMO products would have to spend time, labor, and supplies to properly label their products. This in turn would increase the cost for businesses like Mother’s Market to acquire these products. As stated in the general principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, corporations have a responsibility to create economic benefits. In order to create the benefit of labeling of GMO products, businesses like Mothers Market would have to increase their product cost to…show more content…
Their CEO, Mo Payette, is very passionate about labeling GMO products and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, Payette accepted the Retailer of the Year Award from Follow Your Heart, a company that sells their products to several health stores. Payette has plans to make Mother’s Market free of GMOs in the near future. She has already implemented this by having vendors list the ingredients found in their products and specify if they are genetically modified or not. Mother’s Market’s key line of business is to provide a diverse food and supplement line that meets customers’ needs for specialized diets and health problems. They do this within the different departments; which include produce, supplements, body care, grocery, diary, a juice bar, a deli, and a restaurant. Finding a company that has such a great leader, mission, and commitment is what drives Jen to do and enjoy her job all these years. If you don’t feel like your job has a good purpose or helps give back, then you won’t be happy doing what you are doing with most of your time. The one thing we took away from meeting with Jen is that she is in a place where her job makes her feel like she is doing something positive for her life. The company is well involved with the community, getting them specified product lines, and trying to get rid of GMOs all at once. We all hope to one day find a job that gives us this same sense of fulfillment with our lives

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