Who Is Ichabod In The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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“schoolteacher” “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving is a short story based on a two men trying to fight for the same girl in a small, mysterious town. Ichabod Crane is a poor, scar ed, and scrawny schoolteacher. Do you know how it feels to not have a home, only have one bag of belongings, and have to borrow someone else's transportation? Ichabod had to do all of these things because he was very poor. He only has one bag of belongs, which include clothes, food, and personal belongs. Ichabod was “furbishing up his best and indeed only suit of rusty, black”(p.34). Being that his only suit was rust indicates that he doesn’t have the money to afford a nice suit to impress Katrina. He doesn’t have a home; he goes to his students houses for weeks at a time to live. When he lives there it is like a way the parents pay him for teaching their children. Before the dance he got ready in the school bathroom, because he doesn’t have a home. Lastly, he doesn’t have his own horse, so he has to borrow a horse, gunpowder, from another person. Even though Ichabod is smart and has a job, he doesn’t earn enough money, because he is a school teacher for a house and basic necessities.…show more content…
All of the stories that were told were spoken with a drowsy undertone, which sank into Ichabod’s mind. On his way home from the party he went throught the part of town in which most of the stories took place. As a result, he was seeing things that weren't actually there. He thought he saw something white hanging from the tree, but it was only the part of the tree that had been struck by lighting. He was very scared when he saw the headless horseman for the first time. Also, as he was trying the get to the other side of the bridge the horse's saddle flew off of Gunpowder. Ichabod was frightened because it wasn’t his
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