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Anastasiia Lavryk “Call Me Maria” adaptability paragraph Everyday people adapt to something new, because everyday something changes. Some changes are small, like a new toothbrush or a new pair of jeans to wear. But some changes are big, like moving into a new country or getting a new job. In the short story “Call Me Maria” by Judith Cofer, the main character Maria, is trying to adapt to New York. She talks in Spanglish (which is Spanish mixed with English) goes to an American school, helps the barrio and her dad and just tries to blend in with the barrio people. The central idea for this short story is how Maria demonstrates her adaptability and how she uses it to make the decision to stay in New York with Papi instead of returning to Puerto Rico with Mami.…show more content…
But, when she made her decision, she wanted her mom to understand why she chose the barrio over her. She told Mami about the responsiblities she has, her life in the barrio and friends that she made. She also showed Mami the poems that she wrote in Spanish, English and Spanglish. “ ‘In three languages, Mami. I am a triangular poet’ ‘Three languages? English, Spanish…’ ‘And Spanglish.’ I read her my instant history of Whoopee. Mami laughs at my third language. ‘You are good at Spanglish, Maria’ “ (Cofer, 18) Women in the barrio speak Spanglish and Maria learns to speak and write in Spanglish, so she can fit in the barrion society even more. As it also says in the excerpt, Maria has responsibilities to help the barrio. She has to make sure that the tenants (owners) of the buildings fix the leaks, paint the apartments and do other work (Cofer, 18). Maria wants to help the barrio and Papi to make them understand that New York is her home. She likes the barrio, otherwise why would she help? She wants to help, so she can adapt to the barrio more. Maria wants to feel like she is home, in the

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