Washington Irving's The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

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When a director of a movie decides to modernize a story, they are deciding to change the original story into something that is going to catch the attention of a younger audience. When the director gets done modernizing a story, and people actually like new version of the story he/she will have a bigger audience will be for that movie. A lot of people these days want more action in movies and if you are retelling a story and put action into it, that new version of the story will have a lot of viewers. In the short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving, Ichabod Crane,one of the main characters, is a tall, skinny, storky type man. He is the school teacher of Tarrytown. In the movie The legend of sleepy hollow Ichabod is a policeman from New York. Katrina Van Tassel is the daughter of a man who is being haunted by The headless ghost, as opposed to in the story she is a Dutch farmer's daughter. Mr. Baltus Van Tassel, Katrina’s father, is a short chubby man who sits and smokes his tobacco pipe all day, in the story by Washington Irving, but in the movie he is a man who has bad doings with the headless…show more content…
When he got to Sleepy hollow the town council told him that three people were killed on “open ground” and they had no heads. Supposedly the headless ghost was responsible for the murders. Ichabod doesn’t believe that it is a ghost murdering the people until he starts to learn more about the ghost and apparently it was sent over by the British during the revolutionary war, and his head was chopped off with his own sword. Ichabod witnesses the ghost killing one of the council members and his thoughts vanished. He soon finds out that the ghost has a bad connection to Mr. Baltus Van Tassel, which is not a good thing. He figures this out when he falls in love with Katrina Van Tassel, which is Baltus’
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