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Anthony Rosas Mrs. Walker English III Honors September 25th, 2015 Legend of Sleepy Hollow 2.0 Johnny Depp stated in the movie of Sleepy Hollow stated that, “ Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue.” Villainy takes a place, in my opinion, in both movies just different plots behind the two stories. Virtue is a key element that should take place in the daily lives of all, but virtue in the hand of the wrong people can be very dangerous. You see that a lot in the movie Sleepy Hollow but not as much in the story. You should be aware of the differences between Sleepy Hollow the book and movie because although, they have the same title, they are in fact almost two different stories. Ichabod Crane, in the movie, is as gentlemen that comes from New York to a little town to Investigate strange murders and disappearances. You can see that he did, at the beginning of the movie, had troubles adapting to the culture of the town. Actually, you see that a lot throughout the entire…show more content…
From the movie, Ichabod does not necessarily pursues the affection and attention of Katrina. When Crane finally does pursue Katrina, he does not materialistically feel interested in her until the end of the movie. He sort of just lets Bram do his thing until he is killed by the Headless Horseman. Speaking from the story, Crane, did in fact, have feelings for Katrina. His feelings then inspired him to court Katrina because of her natural beauty. It might have helped his decision to pursue for Katrina's love and attention, because of her wealthy family. Wealth and fame in this day was a very popular thing to have, almost every relationship in this day was considered a political one. Not saying that this was political relationship between Ichabod Crane and Katrina Van Tassel, but you could argue that because of her family's

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