Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Summary

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The characters in “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been” written by Joyce Carol Oates, give the story a connection to real life and allows readers’ to understand the meaning of the story through the actions of the characters. Each one of the characters were relatable to readers; whether it was someone they knew, heard of, or even their own selves. In my perspective this was very clever of the author to write in a way that the story intrigues readers in a way that they seem to be just listening to a family member or friend talk to them. The readers were allowed to understand each character and how they went about their lives, as if they knew them. As the climax and tension in the story rose, it was logical why the story unfolded in the way it did.…show more content…
She is beautiful, confident and exuding with sexual intrigue. She is only interested in boys and the attention she gets from the entire male gender. She is probably more in love with herself than anyone else she comes into contact with. The way she is described in this story sets up the plot for a climatic happening that will justify the actions she takes. She portrays herself not to care or her family much. At point she even discussed with her friends of how she wished her mother was dead and how her family was so “lame”. The progression of her character shows the double-sided impressions that she gives off. Connie may act a certain way in front of her family and then another in front of her
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