Summary Of The Story 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?'

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Joyce Carol Oates’ short story, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” takes readers on a suspenseful ride. Not only does Oates create a thrilling plot, but also ends her story in a complete mystery for what happens next. By analyzing the elements of theme, symbolism, and characterization, it can help create a better understanding for “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” On of the themes from, “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” is the reality of who someone really is. Despite only being fifteen, Connie acts and feels more grown than she really is. She does have family issues at her house, especially the disagreements with her mother, but once outside her home she takes on a new persona. She is socially popular and attractive, which makes her a desire for boys. Connie thinks she knows everything there is to know about her sexuality and about being grown, until she meets Arnold Friend. Arnold makes Connie look at life in a new way, and strips her from her youthfulness. Everything to Connie is different after meeting Arnold; even the home she has lived in for…show more content…
The screen door symbolizes the separation from the Connie that she thought she was, to the new life Arnold is introducing her to. At first when meeting Arnold Connie didn’t find him as a threat. She stood on her porch and just thought Arnold was being weird. As their talk continues Connie begins to feel suspicion in Arnold and starts to become afraid. She goes in to her house and talks to him from behind the screen door. Arnold begins to be explicit and threatens to hurt Connie and her family, but Connie continues to stand behind the door, holding on to the life she lives in. Arnold’s patience for Connie to go on a ride with him grows thin and demands her out. Of course Connie didn’t want to but is sadly forced out, and once she goes though that screen door she enters a new life with Arnold

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