Where Are You Going Where Have You Been Summary

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The story “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” revolves around a young beautiful girl named Connie. Connie is always focusing on how she looks. Her mother tends to scold her for always trying to look pretty and always thinking she is pretty. Her father is a workaholic and rarely talks to Connie or her sisters. One night she meets a boy named Eddie who invites Connie to eat dinner with him. Which she does. As they walk through the parking lot a man in a gold car smiles at Connie. Eventually the man who’s name is Arnold finds Connie at her house and Arnold asks Connie to get in his car along with his friend Ellie. Connie trys to get him to leave but he says that Connie is his lover. Connie tries to call the police but eventualy she puts the…show more content…
Connie didn’t have a happy life. Her mother just doesn’t seem like her, she is always praising Connies older sister June for how responsible she is. Connies mother always tells Connie that she needs to be neat and responsible like June. So her mother is constantly nagging her. Connie and Junes father is a workaholic and rarely talk to either of them or their mother. Connie has such a miserable life that she wishes that she was dead. Than next thing you know this guy comes to her house who claims she is his property. This story to me is the perfect example of how I just ask myself sometimes “what is wrong with people these days.” CBS News did an article on psychopaths or sociopaths and what makes them the way they are after the James Holmes shooting in Aurora, Colorado. A psychopath is someone who lacks a conscience and lacks empathy because of either psychological, genetic, or environmental factors. They have no guilt or remorse and are usually self centered. Many psychopaths are criminals but not all of them are murderers like Holmes was. Not all psychopaths could be criminals though they could be that guy that is making money for a
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