Compare And Contrast The Two Party System

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In the beginning ages of America we had two political parties, the Federalist and Anti-federalists. Today the United States still has a two-party political system and they are the Republicans and Democrats, who are at constant battle to maintain their leadership and promote their ideals in politics. Both parties have similarities in different forms and are able to find an agreement on some topics, but they also have differences not just in politics, but in political culture. A two–party system is “a political system consisting chiefly of two major parties, more or less equal in strength”(“Two-Party system”).The two-party system can be traced back to development of politics in the United Kingdom. For example the Tories who were for royal rule,…show more content…
Republicans tend to support more spending for defense and less spending on social welfare programs aimed at the poor. Republicans are also on the “right” end of the political spectrum which means they are pro-religion, pro-military,and pro-personal responsibility and that shows where their viewpoints and ideas come…show more content…
Both parties are not prepared to increase the tax burden, which the American population currently in,”heavily in debt due to the fundamentals study of our older masters”(McDonald) but are in full support of the idea of performing a tax cut which will aggravate the poor and help the well-being of the wealthy. When the Democratic party was in turn they created and passed the Welfare Reform Act, cutting benefits for the poorest of the American population and the Republicans held their say and “passed the Bankruptcy Bill favoring credit card businesses over Americans whose budgets are destroyed by job loss or medical bills” (Freeman 329). Both parties are in support of prohibiting drug use and increasing military budgets but both are against tortures in prison and also promote the need for prison privatization (Freeman 331). Both Parties are also agreeing on the problems with immigration and support that things need to happen to protect the United

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