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Michellandrea Moreno-Ramirez ENC1101 First Job Lessons Eager to begin a new chapter in my life I began to patiently job hunt. Filling out application after application I received a call that I was waiting to receive. It might have not been my number one choice but it is a start. In the year that I have worked for Burger King I have learned great things. Burger King being my first job has taught me to strive to become a very valuable employee, given me great knowledge in people and communication skills, and how to better myself as a person. The first thing that working at Burger King has taught is to strive to become a very valuable employee. During the interview my now District Manager emphasized putting in 110% of effort into everything that I do at work. Being 10-minutes early is considering on time, being on-time is considered being late. Punctuality is something valued in the work place. The managers see everything you do and hard work you put into things. Working hard when no one is looking is what…show more content…
Being the newest employed cashier was a great experience because you start to meet different kind of personalities that you never thought existed. Meeting someone new on a daily helps expand your communications by figuring out how to deal with several types of attitudes. Even working with different types of personalities on a daily basis respecting each and every one of them is an important thing. Regardless of the again of the coworkers and managers everyone is entitled to be valued for their knowledge and experience. The managers are there to help and answer any questions that arise. Building a work based relationship with the managers is something that should be done to stay on their good side. In the long run they might be the one to right that much needed recommendation letter for that career in your

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