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Do men really pay attention to what girls wear? Do certain colors make them look more attractive? Research has been shown that men like when women wear the color red. They find it to be a hot color. Woman completed a survey online and they said that they will wear the color red for a romantic date. Scientist are not so sure on this theory. They don’t know if they can put all their evidence into some internet survey. A research took place where they invited woman to go to a lab and join the psychology experiment. (University of Potsdam in Germany, collaborators in Munich and the U.S.) Some of them got emails saying they were going to do an experiment and meet men. Others got emails saying they would do an experiment, but not meet men. They also received pictures of males. They found that each male who was wearing some color of red on their body, the women found attractive. I…show more content…
But with the experiment it was proven right. Woman wear the color red to meet attractive men. If they know that the person they are going to meet is not attractive then they don’t wear red. They would also like to be a study on women's competitiveness toward the color red. Introduction to Stop Saying “You are beautiful” In many places you will see motivational quotes. Whether it is walking down the street and seeing a sign or even going to a public restroom and seeing a sign. But do those quotes really help people? The quote written in the article is, “You are beautiful”. It’s meant to be seen as something to make people smile. But most people don’t see it that way. It can have a misleading affect and could be harmful. When those words are written and seen, many woman don’t believe those words. Seeing those words actually makes them think the opposite and think, “No I’m not.” It sets them off to see those words, then they have to think about it. Words are powerful, but they won’t believe anyone's beliefs about their body’s.

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