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Throughout the course of history, different civilizations have developed mythological stories and tales that depicted people they admired. They made imaginary narratives about heroes and monsters, gods and men, and how each of the parts interacted with the other. From Greeks to Anglo-Saxons, stories about magnificent characters, who fought terrible beasts and overcame extreme obstacles, were told. Two heroes that stand out in these two cultures are, the Greek hero Perseus, and the Anglo-Saxon kind Beowulf. These warriors conquered hardships and defeated monsters, and their exploits lived past their death until our time. Although there are some ties in the lives of Beowulf and Perseus, Beowulf was a respected warrior who became a king through his bravery and…show more content…
There are several connections in the lives of Beowulf and Perseus, it is important to note that they represented what their cultures considered a model to follow, a symbol of strength, courage, and honor. In their stories, they had to overcome a hard challenges, enemies, and tasks. Beowulf embarked himself to kill a monster called Grendel, who was terrorizing a kingdom. He faced the monster and defeated him. Soon after he battled Grendel’s mother, however, he had to use special weapons and armor. Although Beowulf was stronger than an average person—in the poem is told that he has the grip of 30 men—, he was still a human, so he had to rely on instruments who would aid him in the battle against this demon; so he brought his iron chest plate and his most reliable sword. In the end, Beowulf is victorious and returns as a hero.

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