Outline For The Kite Runner

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The book starts out with Amir, the main character and narrator, who currently reside in San Francisco. He receives a phone call from Rahim Khan, who is a good old business friend of his father, Baba. Rahim tells Amir to go back to Kabul because "there is a way to be good again." The story goes back to the past as he recalls an event when he was six years old. Flashback to Kabul, Amir lives with his father, Baba, who is wealthy and owns a nice home. They have two servants named Ali and his son, Hassan. However, Ali is like a brother to Baba. They are both Hazaras, an ethnic minority in Kabul. Throughout the book, Baba treats Hassan like his own child. For example, for his birthday present, Baba hired a plastic surgeon to fix his lips. Things got out of hand when the ruler got overthrown in Afghanistan. Amir was playing with Hassan as they encounter Assef and his group. Assef is…show more content…
Basically, you fly your kite and try to cut the others' kites. "Kite running" is when you lose, and you run down to getting your kite. To win you need to be the last one flying your kite. Amir wins this year and Hassan chases down the kite. Hassan was taking forever to get his kite, so Amir goes looking for him. He found Hassan at an alley getting raped by Assef and his group. Amir is seeing what is happening to Hassan, but he does not do anything to help Hassan. When Hassan goes back to the house with the kite, Amir pretends to not notice anything. This scene made them distant with each other. Amir, who is guilty, wants Hassan to leave. By doing this, he grabbed the watch his father gave him and money he got for his thirteenth birthday, and he framed Hassan for stealing it. He admittedly said yes to stealing it, though he did not, when Baba asked if he stole it. Ali found out what had happened to Hassan and decided to leave and live with his relatives. Baba was crying hysterically, begging them not to

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