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Humanities Final Dante Alighieri was a literary genius who impacted with glory. His profound knowledge in influence simply cannot be overstated. He found immortality in the supremacy of his works. Not many facts are known about Dante, but most information about him was found and pulled out from many of his famous works. Dante was a religious man. He wanted to show how the ancient stories can be brought into the Christian framework. He showed that the heroes of ancient times also committed sin of their own. Even if they had their own justice in how they acted in their story, there was always a fine line when it comes to sins. Dante showed that even the lowest kind of misbehavior can lead you in hell. He explains in his story that there is no…show more content…
He also used himself as a vessel to drag along the story as the readers go through the depths of hell where sinners spend eternity after their lives on the surface of the Earth. Dante want to reenact what happen to Christ during the last three days. He believed that during the time, Christ was wondering in hell before he was resurrected again on Sunday. Dante also saw what sin is, not as karma but as what sin can represent from the naked eye. As he will see the sins of other people, he first sees his own sins in representation of animals, these animals are the leopard which indicates fraud, the lion which indicates violence and she-wolf which shows loss of control. During Dante’s travel to hell, he meets Virgil. Virgil will represent human reasoning and will guide Dante and protect him in the world of Hell. In terms of ancient history, Virgil is the creator of “Aeneid” which tell the story of what happens after the Trojan War in Greece. I would say that Virgil was a great implementation to the story as will meet other characters that was taken from ancient Greece. Virgil also indicated how Dante they will meet up with ancient spirits that are been tortured into endless pain. In Canto Three, where Dante and Virgil are in between Hell and out if it, After meeting the Rebellion Angels or Fallen Angels seeing some familiar souls, they moved on the Acheron one of rivers of hell. In Greek mythology, the river of Acheron is also known as the “River to woe”, river of distress and sorrow. It is one of the five rivers of the underworlds according to Greek mythology. As Acheron is one of the rivers to the underworld in Greek mythology, in Dante’s story, it is also one of the rivers to the underworld of

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