Jane Goodall's Impact On Chimpanzees

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Jane Goodall has not only made important discoveries in the ethology of chimpanzees but has had an impact on the way we as humans treat the world around us. Jane has had a curiosity for animals and nature ever since she was young. For over 50 years, Jane has been researching and protecting the chimpanzees of Africa (Jane Goodall Institute, 2014). With her patience and persistence, Jane gained the trust of over 50 chimpanzees so that she could observe their everyday behavior (Laura Grimm et. al., 2014). Today, Jane gives speeches encouraging people to protect and change the world; she also raises money for the Jane Goodall Institute which protects the apes and people of Africa. Jane is a very influential woman who has made many discoveries in the world of science (Jane Goodall institute, 2014). Even when she was young, Jane was fascinated with nature and was an avid lover of animals (Jane Goodall Institute, 2014). She was born on April 3, 1934 in London England to Mortimer and Vanne Goodall; she also has a sister named Judy (Jane Goodall, 2014). Her…show more content…
First, she noted that the chimps had somewhat of a language with over 20 unique sounds. She also disproved the idea that chimpanzees were vegetarian; they often hunted small animals and bugs. They also used tools to kill their food which was surprising since this was always considered a human trait. She also discovered that chimpanzees have a very strong bond with one another, just like humans. In 1964, Hugo Van Lawick and Jane got married but divorced 10 years later. Jane received her Ph.D. in 1965 from Cambridge University (Laura Grimm, 2014). In 1977, Jane founded the Jane Goodall Institute which protects the apes in the wild as well as in captivity so that they aren’t harmed in any way. The organization also helps with poverty in Africa and inspires the young and old all around the world (Jane Goodall Institute,

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