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A Comparison of Two Poems about Love The poem “What lips my lips have kissed” (Milley 906) is a poem written by Edna St. Vincent Millay in 1923. In this poem the speaker is reflecting about her experiences with all her past lovers, necessity and the overall power of love. She is now filled with thoughts of her past lovers, and her regrets how she treated them. In comparison, the poem “Meeting at Night” (Browning 905) written by Robert Browning in 1845. Some say might it is about his love experiences with Elizabeth Barnett before they married. It takes us on his journey to join the one he loved. Both of these poems share a common theme about of love from a different point of views and with different results that powered by love. Similarly, I feel both of these writers used a lot of nature and visual imagery in their poems to create the story and it also to help get their tone across. In “What lips my lips have kissed”…show more content…
I really enjoyed how in the poem “Meeting at Night” (Browning 905) it actually gives you a feeling as if you were on the journey with him. It almost makes you feel as if you’re a part of the entire journey as does the poems “Then a mile of warm sea-scented beaches” (Browning 905) and “Three fields to cross till a farm appears” (Browning 905). In the poem “What lips my lips have kissed” (Milley 906) the writer speaks of the “but the rain” is full of ghosts tonight” makes you feel you are with here in a lonely room looking out the window as does the poem “Thus in the winter stands the lonely tree”. (Milley 906) Some of the other techniques used in these poems are the rhyming pattern in “What lips my lips have kissed” (Milley 906) they use a pattern of abbaabba. In “Meeting in the Night” (Browning 905) they use a pattern of abccba pattern. The rhyming pattern helps the piece flow or some say, is like the heartbeat it makes you feel the

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