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Django Unchained is a western movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. It had achieved major success and had nominated for many awards. Django Unchained is set in the Antebellum South, two years before the Civil War, where Django, a freed slave, becomes a bounty hunter and set out to find his lost wife. As a movie directed by Tarantino, it has several trademark design element such as over the top violence, stylized bloodshed, frequent crash-zoom, long shot, and numerous of close-ups bare feet shot that can also find in other Tarantino movie such as the iconic Kill Bill. Perhaps the most successful aspect of Django Unchained is the well-crafted old western theme and mood by the use of sound editing, lighting design, and set design. Since it is a…show more content…
To establish the old western mood, there are frequent use of low lighting in the movie, which create deep shadows and high contrast in many scenes. High contrast and deep shadows created a sense of mature and aged, which is emphatic of westerns theme. Low lighting have also created emphasis, directing the audiences to certain point of the screen and making it easier to bring out important details in the story and further advance the plot. To ensure the western theme feel consistent in the movie, the director have make sure that all the lightings in the movie aren’t out of place. In one nighttime scene, Django encounter the KKK at night in a large open area. In this scene, the only light source are the torchs that the characters are wielding. However, torches aren’t and shouldn’t be bright enough to light the whole area. To ensure the surroundings is visible without letting the torches brighter than they should, the light designer have cleverly included a soft and low “moon” light from the top, thus making the surrounding visible and adding an aesthetic layer. There are also a lot of work have been put into the interior lighting. Since most of the interior lighting come from candle and lantern, the interior lighting of the movie have an orange set tone, which create an old set

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