Comparing Orwell's Macbeth 'And 1984'

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1984 written by George Orwell was composed to anticipate a future because of the result of the Cold War around 1948. To help his book have a greater amount of an effect Orwell utilizes regular human attributes to developing his message. Shakespeare utilizes similar qualities through out his play Macbeth to also have an impact the his time. Orwell and Macbeth both connect with the values and beliefs of their readers by exploring the method for being human and the essential experiences that portray human instinct. By doing as such the two authors have not just had an effect for their own times but even today. Orwell originally wrote this book about Stalin the Russian pioneer of the Cold War, who he believed to be deceiving people. Macbeth is…show more content…
Macbeth and 1984 both convey the human nature of desiring to outwardly express their affection and admiration for the one they love. Both texts have strong female leads of Lady Macbeth and Julia to express this human nature. In 1984 Julia knew the consequences of loving someone under the control of The Party, but even so she confessed her feelings for Winston because it was part of her human nature. Winston in return starts to love her and they both meet each other and show their affection even though they knew they would be caught eventually. Macbeth in the same manner loved his wife Lady Macbeth very dearly and gave into her lust to be Queen. To show his affection and make his wife happy, he went, as far as to kill King Duncan expressing the human nature of outwardly conveying their admiration and affection to the one they…show more content…
Very common people who lie in everyday lives are the politicians who promise and then fail to come through with their promises. In 1984 this lying politician is of course Big Brother, who broke many promises one being the no reduction of the chocolate ration. He fails to come through with this promise and then gets Winston to clean up his mess by rewriting what Big Brother had originally said. Macbeth like Big Brother first deceits the king and kills him, lies to protect himself and then kills the attendants to remove any evidence that could go against him. This then becomes a deception made by Big Brother and Macbeth to make people trust them. O’Brien is someone who also shows the trait of deception when he pretends to be part of the brotherhood when in truth he works for the thought police. In Macbeth, deception and lies are told in a different manner where Macbeth lies and destroys evidence of the truth to gain people’s trust. This is creating a deception for the people so that Macbeth is allowed to become king. Both these leaders are then compared to current politicians such as Tony Abbott who had made promises and deceived the people of Australia. However Big Brother’s deception can be closely related to the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un who has such control of the people that they believe that they won the 2014 FIFA World

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