Skull Of Yorick In Hamlet

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No what how much we worked hard to set up a legacy and eventually we end up working hard to make sure we leave something remarkable behind when the death arrives. No what how much we want to avoid. We, all are going to be end up being nothing but a piece of bones lying in the dirt hole in nature. Eventually the nature would end up taking over our body, which the nature decomposes us into the soil. William Shakespeare decided to portray the skull of Yorick held by Hamlet in Hamlet by using a symbolism method since the skull may suggest that it represents the cycle from life to death that we face everyday, but on closer inspection in the story. The skull can have deeper meaning of the death. We can accomplish as much we like to, but we cannot…show more content…
The skull that the gravedigger took out and sang a song, which Hamlet felt insulted by, thought how the gravedigger did not really take time to consider the skull was used to be somebody. It shows how the unimportant or people who sinned against the morals in Shakespearean’s time does not make effort to make sure the person is at peace and undisturbed. It also shows how the skull represents the life fades quickly on the person, which they will have quick burial and complete forgot immediately that the person did exist. While at same time, the nature slowly takes over the body and disappears without trace. Henceforth, after brief discussion with the gravedigger about the grave that he was digging for, which Hamlet asked to examine the skull. Hamlet soon discovered that the skull that he was holding in his hands was his father’s former jester, Yorick. Soon enough, Hamlet had overwhelming memories about his father’s jester and how he was beloved by many people while growing up, which he had happy memories at his performance, giving them an entertainment that made Hamlet laugh. He also mentions how many people enjoyed his presence at the court and made many people to laugh at his stories and

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